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Here's an assortment of pictures of homeless camps and their cleanup provided by Ed O'Neill of the Anchorage Responsible Beverage Retailers Association (ARBRA).

Take a look at these links for a real tour of homeless camps in Anchorage!

http://homepage.mac.com/oneillalaska/ARBRA-CHARR/PhotoAlbum8.html http://homepage.mac.com/oneillalaska/ARBRA-CHARR/PhotoAlbum11.html http://homepage.mac.com/oneillalaska/ARBRA-CHARR/PhotoAlbum13.html http://web.mac.com/oneillalaska/iWeb/ARBRA-CHARR/ARBRA%20MTV.html

Here's a presentation from summer of 2006!

Anchorage dollars ($$) support party life style! (Aug. 2006)

  • Muni support needed for a managed Safe & Secure Camp Site.
  • Legislative support needed for Meaningful Intervention using “Title 47” solutions.

Panhandling & an overly generous Public Assistance Program with little to no Managed Intervention for this homeless issue creates a huge liability in our community.

(One of over a hundred Muni clean-up efforts by ARBRA) Today: 100,000 plus BP Yellow trash bags used 35 Ton of trash (all type) picked up by ARBRA crew at average annual cost to members of $50,000 thanks to their generous support.

Beverage Trash Hotline (907) 563-3815 ext. 225

This location is north-side of Northeast trail system at the intersection of Boniface & MTV Dr., northwest of trail tunnels under Boniface & Mt. View Dr.





Home of 25 to 40 year around campers from MTV City Snow Dump to Boniface Drive with over a hundred new faces rotating in & out last couple of years.





There is NO truth to this sign according to fellow tidy area campers.





Area is littered with small zip-lock druggie bags along with beverage related trash.






40 oz. Malt Liquor, beverage of choice just a few yards from Community Trail users. Mouthwash beverage of choice in mid-town.










Local art work from this no rules, lack of intervention life style.








Thousands of dollars of abandoned material from our overly generous community.








Bagged personal material will be considered trash if not claimed in 10 days.








All personal items are left at camp site. Trash set aside for pick-up is only 50% of total items at camp site.




The following collection is from March of 2004.

When they built the Home Depot on Tudor, they probably weren't thinking about this kind of home! These are some fixer-uppers just north of Home Depot.

On April 21, 2004 ABRA picked up 1/2 ton of material, a semi monthly event! The first of these pictures show the brush fire started at this drinking camp.




This series is of camps near 3d and Eagle Streets from February and early March of 2004.

There's someone sleeping in the bundle at the left.






Here's a set of camps near A Street and Chester Creek Trail. The footbridge there is a popular roof.



It's got to be hard living under a tarp in November. A few pics from November of 2003 follow.






This camp is Northeast of downtown at 1st & Eagle Streets by the Old Native Hospital. ARBRA picks up on average 1 ton of trash every six to eight weeks. 9/12/03






This site is at the trail stairway at East 15th & A Streets. This is a bi-weekly occurence. 10/20/03





Here's comfortable site across from the Lions Park at Mountain View. 10/22/03






This architectural puzzle is across from the Lions Park in Mountain View 10/22/03.





Home is where you mattress is! This is at 19th & C Street across from the Community Garden 10/21/03





Here's a pile picked up from a site Northeast of downtown at 2d & Eagle Streets 9/12/03






Camp at 2d & Eagle northeast of downtown by the Old Native Hospital. 9/12/03






Here's a pile picked up near the Old Native Hospital 9/12/03






Yellow bags sprouting everywhere! These are from Campbell Creek Trail off the end of Folker Street near the fish viewing area. 9/7/03





Close up of trash at a camp off Campbell Creek Trail at Taku Lake parking lot at the end of East 76th Ave. A bi-weekly pileup. 10/20/03





Trash picked up at Taku Lake 10/20/03.







This camp is West of Fred Meyer in Muldoon. ARBRA averages 1/2 ton every three to four months, Lots of mouthwash and beer in this area. 9/9/03




Trash picked up west of the Fred Meyers in Muldoon. 9/9/03






Here's a mess across from the Lions Park in Mountain View. 10/22/03.





I hope they knocked first! This abode is at 19th & C across form the Community Garden 10/21/03.





This home is at 19th & C across from the community garden. That pile of white is the toilet. 10/21/03





Those blue tarps are so useful! This camp is East of Downtown near Viking Drive and Reeve Blvd. 10/22/03






A clear view of the stars above at this place near Viking Drive and west of Reeve Blvd. 10/22/03





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